mixed-world therapy

Use a world other than this one for expressing your anger. Keep both worlds separate until your anger has diffused, then remove the boundary between them. And call me in the morning.


Arthur Klepchukov said...

Where's your second world?

Stephanie Gerson | Sequoia Hax said...

in the conventional sense, Second Life. in the magic circle sense, I probably have a bunch but never counted them all... you?

Stephanie Gerson | Sequoia Hax said...

by the way, thanks so much for diabloging Arthur. curious: is there any way to RSS comments to posts, so I can be alerted when there are new comments? i.e. how will you ever know I asked you this question and how will I know you responded without snooping around the [shower in the] dark?

Arthur Klepchukov said...

My poems, stories, novels-to-be, and spontaneous music videos pieced together from chunks of real life and iPodded~digital/glitchy.goodness all take the spot of my second world from time to time (and occasionally my first~).

I'm not sure if Blogger has a feed for comments but it looks like you can enable email follow-up comments (I'm lookin' at it under the "Leave your comment" box when I'm logged into my Google account). I've seen the feature as a feed before though... it's definitely useful.

Oh and I almost slipped while snooping around the shower in the dark! But your shampoo and scented oils smelled nice, so I didn't mind.