pattern widget

Information about our everyday lives is increasingly digitized via social network sites, social calendaring, blogs, twitters, etc. So how about some kinda widget that digs through the information and finds recurring patterns? A widget that identifies correlations between the activities we do, social interactions we have, emotions we feel, foods we eat, and colors we wear, among other things. Patterns in when we fight with our Lovers (correlated with wearing yellow?), feel most creative (correlated with playing badminton?), experience bad gas (correlated with eating dairy?).

Now expand the scale to include the micro and the macro. Let the widget identify correlations between the social interactions we have, colors we wear, local weather, global economic news, and the stars. President Reagan consulted an astrologer for patterns between politics and celestial movements. We could concoct a widget for patterns between much much more, which would help us not only identify patterns, but engage with and potentially create them. Like dancers and musicians.

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