mob flashdancing down the Wal-mart isle

I heard that Wal-marts film a bird's eye views of their customers. I imagine the footage is sped up and analyzed to detect patterns useful for Wal-mart's 'zero inventory' strategy. (If what we buy and when we buy it can be algorithmicized, then Wal-mart can reduce its inventory to near-zero.) But this also makes Wal-mart vulnerable to the way we move. Hmmm. And flash mob + dance = some kinda mob flashdance. So how about a mob of us flashdance down the wrong Wal-mart isle looking for the wrong product at the wrong time? It probably wouldn't bring them to their knees, begging us to consume-as-usual so as not to confuse their inventory strategy, but it would at least be entertaining for whoever's behind the camera. And it would make for a fantastic Carrotmob video:

Carrotmob Makes It Rain from carrotmob on Vimeo.

(Yes, that's me in the brown hat lathering myself with paper money on the floor of the supermarket isle.)

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Arthur Klepchukov said...

Fucking with the man behind the curtain. I love it. I can just picture you leading a stream of dancing people down the camping & hunting isles. For some reason I'm on the other side of the camera though...