I was just wondering.

I s t h i s n e t a r t ?


Arthur Klepchukov said...

I wrote down a random idea in my cell a year ago: "a web site as a piece of art" I'm still not quite sure if that can be done or what it would mean. Everything feels to AdSensey and profit-driven to me.

Stephanie Gerson | Sequoia Hax said...

seems like you're defining art according to it's source of funding. dangerous territory? anyways, I was referring literally to this particular post, alternating links. being geeky ;)

Arthur Klepchukov said...

No, I meant it would be hard for me to buy (no pun intended) a web site as a piece of art if the site had things like AdSense. Alternating links gets a thumbs up from me :) Defining art is going into dangerous territory. But I'm willing to play; are you?