wine tags

A buddy named Noah Brier started something called brand tags, an application that lets people tag brands with words. What results are tag clouds for brands, i.e. an ingeniously simple way to gauge how consumers feel about different brands. Ever since I started using del.icio.us, I've wanted to do this kind of thing for, well, everything: political candidate tags, musical band tags, and of course, TCHOcolate tags. But a pretty great application could be wine labels, which oftentimes feel irrelevant to the point of satire and are written by only a handful of wine connoisseurs. No offense, they certainly know their wine, but how much more meaningful might wine labels be if they were crowdsourced to consumers via a wine tagging app? A tag cloud as a wine label might not only be meaningful, but beautiful.


dnewlin said...

Stephanie - I am a friend of Kenny Kahn and he suggested that you and I connect. I have an executive recruiting practice focused in the wine industry and also am a co-founder of a unique wine recommendation / social media site that is in stealth mode. Kenny forwarded your email explaining that you are looking for opportunities where wine and social media converge.

So, I will reach out to you soon. Feel free to call me if you like at my office, 415.381.1545.

Cheers and kind regards,

David Newlin

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