Ok, it's a terrible name but an awesome idea: karaoke for Shabbat songs, with that little ball bouncing over which words to sing and real bar/bat-mitzvah videos (maybe your own!) as the background. Which would make learning Shabbat songs oh-so fun for kids and adults. I want.


Steve Morozumi said...

how 'bout Shabaraoke? your concept rocks! and kicks ass! maybe i'm redundant? i'm very excited about it! LOL! your blog is the shahiznit! i wish you had a "Followers" section in your sidebar! then i could follow your blog! hint! hint! hahaha!

-Steve @ fluxlife

Steve Morozumi said...

my bad. Shabataoke is far superior!

Stephanie Gerson said...

ha, I actually thought of Shabbaraoke too, but discarded it for a reason I no longer remember. though I think both are pretty equally terrible/awesome.

and re a followers section: you might be the only one on it. which would be kind of adorable ;)